g.o.d Talks About Spending Quality Time Together On Their New Variety Show

The g.o.d members have reunited for their upcoming variety show.

On October 11, upcoming JTBC variety show “Shall We Walk Together” held a press conference ahead of its broadcast. The five g.o.d members, as well as producing-directors Oh Yoon Hwan and Jung Seung Il were in attendance.

Park Joon Hyung shared, “This show was physically the hardest I’ve ever done. It was harder than ‘Law of the Jungle‘ and ‘Buying Hardships 2.’ But there was more that I gained. It was so much fun filming.” He continued, “The members and I all walked our own paths separately and then met. Compared to meeting briefly for concerts and recordings, we spent a long time together, and that filled a lot of the gaps between us. I’m not sure how much they edited, but I don’t think they’ll take out anything. I’m excited.” He added, “I saw aspects of the members that they hadn’t seen. It felt like the five of us had gotten on a time machine and gone back in time.”

Yoon Kye Sang remarked, “It’s been a while since I did variety shows. At first, I was scared and worried a lot. But it was the first time in a while where the members went on a trip together. It was a good time because I felt things between the members that I hadn’t before.” He added, “I hope people will want to meet their long-time friends as they watch the show. I learned that people who have been with you for a long time are previous.”

Danny Ahn commented, “We didn’t do anything like this when we did ‘Childcare Diary’ (literal translation), so it was a first for us. That’s why the feelings were even newer. Next year, it’s g.o.d’s 20th anniversary, and so I thought of the path we had come, and the path we’ll take in the future. This was the best program that fit that time.”

He talked about how he had been worried about the trip and continued, “If you leave the members alone, you don’t know where they’ll run off to. So I was worried the whole time. I think those aspects of the members’ personalities will be shown untouched. It was interesting for us to return to us from that time. Viewers will also be able to see Yoon Kye Sang as he was before.”

Son Ho Young shared, “Compared to the time I was alone, the time with the members is longer. We talked about old times together, and made a lot of memories. I hope viewers will empathize and enjoy it as they watch.”

Kim Tae Woo remarked and made everyone laugh by saying, “Because of the members’ schedules, we didn’t get to prepare much before going. So to research before we went, I did a lot of searching and met with a trekking professional. That’s how I ended up being the leader, but I think that was because the other members were too lazy.”

Danny Ahn commented, “Park Joon Hyung is the leader on the surface. But for the last 20 years, the real leader was Kim Tae Woo. He did a lot of studying on the trail for the Camino de Santiago, and so we gave him the role of the leader. Generally, we followed what Kim Tae Woo said to do.”

Park Joon Hyung concluded by saying, “At first, it felt like we had a lot of time. But as time passed, I kept thinking, ‘I wish this wouldn’t end.’ I think that going on a trip is really similar to life. I was a bit sad because after this trip ended, we would each be going on our separate ways again.”

“Shall We Walk Together” will follow the five g.o.d members as they take on the Camino de Santiago hiking trail in Spain. This will be their first group variety show since “Childcare Diary” 17 years ago.

The show aired its first episode on October 11 at 11 p.m. KST.

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