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Brad Pitt is hitting back hard at Angelina Jolie’s accusations that he hasn’t paid a dime in child support for their six kids. A new report claims he’s given her millions and can prove it!

Angelina Jolie, 43, made a shocking claim in court papers filed on Aug. 7 that ex Brad Pitt, 54, hasn’t paid any child support towards their six children in over a year and a half. A new report claims that’s total B.S. and that the actor can prove it. TMZ reports that sources close to Brad say he’s given Angie “way, way more than the amount he agreed to pay … we’re told the total is in the millions of dollars.” Their source called Angelina’s deadbeat dad allegations a “joke” and that proof will surface that Brad has been paying her and that her accusations otherwise are totally false.

A source close to the star tells EXCLUSIVELY that Brad has done everything to fulfill his obligations to his kids, but that Angie keeps changing the rules. “This whole divorce drama is just exhausting for Brad, it’s like every day there’s some new bullsh*t to wade through, it’s never ending. At this point Brad’s gotten used to Angelina’s games, and he’s made it pretty clear he’s not interested in playing along. All Brad’s interested in is reaching a mutually beneficial agreement over the custody of the children, and then ending the marriage, period,” a source close to the Moneyball star tells us.

“Brad couldn’t care less about the money side of thing. His only concern, throughout this whole nightmare, has been and continues to be, the welfare of his children. Which is why he can see straight through Angelina’s latest stunt. Brad seriously doesn’t know whether to feel angry, or to just laugh  it all off, because  Angelina trying to paint him as some kind of ‘deadbeat dad’ just screams of desperation on her end, or a really lame attempt at trying to garner some positive PR,” our insider continues.

“Brad is more than happy to pay regular and ‘meaningful’ child support payments, he would LOVE to. The problem is, every single time their attorneys have tried to hash out the terms for child support, just as they’re about to reach an agreement, Angelina has suddenly changed the goalpost. Then it’s back to square one again. Brad knows that the judge will understand this because it’s clear as glass, so he’s not concerned in the slightest. Brad’s just going to continue to take the high ground and remain focused on what matter — his kids,” our source adds.

Angie originally made their split super ugly in 2016, by making all sorts of private details of child custody issues public. After his lawyers called her out for putting her own P.R. spin above the privacy of their kids, the exes agreed in Jan. of 2017 to keep the details of their divorce and custody issues confidential. With today’s filing, Angie has just started another public P.R. war with Brad.