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Chris Brown is asking around to see if Rihanna & Hassan Jameel are still dating! A source close to Chris told HL EXCLUSIVELY that he really wants her back!

Chris Brown is still jonesing to get Rihanna back. A source close to Chris told us EXCLUSIVELY how he’s been digging around, asking if Rihanna and Hassan are still an item. “Chris has been asking friends about Rihanna and Hassan,” our source said. “He wants to know if they are still together because Chris never sees them out together anywhere and he would love to shoot his shot with her again.”

Despite Chris’ violent history with Rihanna and their past breakups, he still reminisces about the time they had together. “Chris used to love to take Rihanna to Laker games, parties, or whatever,” our source continued. “He was proud and happy to be out with the gorgeous Rihanna so he thinks it is weak that Hassan does not or can not do the same.”

Apparently, Breezy is interpreting the fact that Rihanna and Hassan haven’t been seen with each other much as a sign that they may have broken up. “Chris is hoping that Hassan’s absence from Rihanna’s recent appearances may be a sign that things are over between them,” our source went on to say. “He would love to swoop in and see Rih again.”

We reported earlier how Chris loved Rihanna’s New York Fashion Week outfit. “Chris thinks Rihanna looks sexier than ever,” a source close to Chris EXCLUSIVELY shared with us. And we learned how he’s so in tune with her constantly changing style. “He always keeps a close eye out for her on social media and loves to see how she looks.” We’ll keep you posted on how Rihanna and Hassan’s relationship keeps on developing. In the meantime, check out all of their pics after the Grammys.

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