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Although Collin Gosselin spent the weekend with his dad, Jon, he’s been living at a special facility where he gets treatment for his behavioral issues — and he’s doing very well there, according to a new report.

Collin Gosselin doesn’t appear on either of his parents’ social media accounts very often, since he lives apart from them in a residential facility to aid with his special needs. The 14-year-old’s mother, Kate Gosselin, has been open about her decision to enroll Collin in special treatment, and now, it appears his father, Jon Gosselin, is more involved than ever. “[The program’s staff] work closely with Jon and really do care about Collin,” an insider told Us Weekly. The source added that Collin is “thriving” at the facility. He reportedly does not have access to television there.

Kate first revealed that Collin was struggling in behavioral issues in her 2010 book. In 2016, she opened up further about her decision to send him away for treatment. “It was not even really a choice,” she explained at the time. “It was on the advice of his doctors and it had to happen.” Meanwhile, Jon was livid about the decision, and claimed he was completely estranged from his son because of it. Clearly, that’s changed, as Collin just visited Jon, along with one of his sextuplet sisters, Hannah, over the weekend

It’s unclear what kind of relationship Kate and Collin have these days. However, a source close to Jon added to Us Weekly that the teenager is “very intelligent,” but “was always questioning Kate and talking back.”

Meanwhile, Hannah has reportedly been living with Jon full-time, after no longer getting along with her mother. The rest of the sextuplets, Leah, Alexis, Aaedan, and Joel, along with twins, Cara and Mady,

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