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Kate Upton is well into her second trimester and looking and feeling great! These are the exercises she is doing to keep her body strong (that anyone can do!), plus, how she keeps cravings in check.

Kate Upton is wonder woman! At around six months pregnant, Kate was hard at work, and spoke to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY all about her fitness and lifestyle plan at a Copper Fit event. Kate just launched a program called Strong4Me Fitness, which you can download online, that focuses on easy, at-home workouts. “I am really excited to launch Strong4Me because being busy and traveling, it’s so hard to find that balance and stay motivated. And these are really easy, kind of, idiot-proof workouts that you can do at home, with minimal equipment and fit in any time during the day. There are three body weight days, and two cardio days to really help yourself feel the best you you can be.”

About the empowering name, Kate told us, “I really wanted to focus on being fit for yourself instead of trying to fit into a dress size or getting ready for some wedding — all this extra pressure we don’t need to put on ourselves — just putting ourselves first and living that healthy lifestyle.” Kate is obviously pregnant, so we asked about the challenges of staying healthy in that first trimester, when most moms-to-be are tired and most likely dealing with morning sickness. “It’s so hard to motivate yourself when you have no energy. And there was a month that I took a hiatus because I just didn’t have the energy and I was traveling a lot and I couldn’t get it together — I would say that was my worst month. But I’m back to working out, and I feel so much better. The workouts are difficult. I’m focusing on different things — I’m focusing on strengthening my pelvic floor to help with delivery. And doing more squats and lunges and body weight hip thrusts — different things like that.”

Kate says she isn’t a salty verses sweet girl — she says, why can’t we have it all? “I haven’t really had any [cravings]. I had food aversions at first — I wanted to stay way away from red meat. Now it’s just kind of like, any food will do. I really enjoy chocolate cake sometimes and sometimes I really enjoy french fries!” But overall, she’s very healthy, and works with Urban Remedy, which has healthy prepared meals, snacks and juices for busy people. “I think it’s so important to stay healthy,” Kate said. “Especially when your body is working overtime for pregnancy or when you’re just working overtime in everyday life — if you’re traveling, if you’re busy with kids. It’s so important that you get the right fuel so you have the energy, you have the strength to be able to fit it all in.”

Courtesy of Getty Images/ Astrid Stawiarz

We spoke to Kate at an event showcasing women’s apparel, footwear and accessories from Copper Fit. “I’m so excited to partner up with Copper Fit because they have everything throughout the whole day. Whether you’re into fitness, at the gym, traveling, cozy at home, they have everything. All while being technology driven and innovative fabrics to make you have the extra edge or the extra help to take steps away from your busy day.”

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