Pete Davidson Covers Ariana Grande Tattoo & Their Romance Is Stronger – Hollywood Life

Pete Davidson recently changed his Ariana Grande inspired bunny ears tattoo to a heart and the reasoning behind it could actually mean they’re even closer than they were before.

Pete Davidson, 24, recently caused major speculation that his relationship with Ariana Grande, 25, may be in trouble when he changed his bunny ears tattoo to a heart, but it turns out the reason for the change is actually a sign that the lovebirds are closer than they’ve ever been. “Pete is madly in love with Ariana and covering his tattoo is not a sign of any trouble for them… it’s actually the total opposite and is a sign they’re more in sync than ever,” one source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Ariana and Pete are very into having matching tattoos, they’ve got a bunch that match already and now that Pete changed the bunny ears to a heart they’re matching even more because Ariana already has multiple heart tattoos. Pete added an A next to the heart in case there are any questions about who his heart belongs to.”

Pete getting the original Ariana tattoo was proof he is head over heels for the singer so the fact that he wants to match more definitely signifies his love! “The tattoo showed Ariana that he was all in with her and wanted a future with her but now that they are fully in love it is what is in his heart over what is on his skin that is most important,” another source EXCLUSIVELY told us.

In addition to the heart tattoos, Pete and Ariana share matching tattoos that feature clouds, a Breakfast at Tiffany‘s phrase, the letters “H2GKMO’ (meaning Honest To God Knock Me Out), and the word, “Reborn.”

Pete Davidson

There may be no better way to prove one’s love to the other than permanent body ink! We’re thrilled Pete and Ariana’s relationship is continuing to thrive and we’ll keep updating if we notice any more tattoos in the future!