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Happy birthday Diddy! As the rapper turned 49-years-old, he received some birthday love from his ex, Cassie. See her sweet post!

Cassie, 32, still has love for her ex, Diddy. The “Me & U” singer may be moving on, but she still took the time to wish her ex-flame a happy birthday. As the rapper turned 49 on Nov. 4, Cassie took to Instagram to share a sweet post in honor of the day! “Happy Birthday, King!” she wrote in her post, which featured a black & white photo of the Bad Boy Records mogul. She also added a heart emoji on top of the pic. There is clearly no bad blood between these exes!

Diddy celebrated his birthday in the best way: by jumping out of an airplane! The rapper is just one-year shy of the big 5-0, but he still has an affinity for adventure. He suited up for a sky-high birthday celebration on Nov. 4, and couldn’t contain his excitement leading up to the big jump. “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’M ABOUT TO JUMP OUT OF A PLANE. MAKE SURE YOU GET OUT AND VOTE ON TUESDAY!!! LET’S GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” he wrote. The rapper later shared a video of his aerial adventure, and he truly looked like he was living his best life!

The news of Cassie and Diddy’s split first broke on Oct. 17, after the couple shared an up and down, ten-year relationship. Don’t think that Diddy was at home crying over the breakup though – he he already moved on! The rapper has been kicking it with model Jocelyn Chew following the split. The pair reportedly met in Miami this past September, and even attended Drake‘s opening night LA show at the Staples Center.

Cassie Diddy Birthday Message
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Cassie’s b-day dedication to Diddy might have seemed casual enough, but HL EXCLUSIVELY learned that the singer still has feelings for her ex. “If Sean thinks he can just snap his fingers and Cassie will come running, he can think again,” a source told us. “Sure, Cassie still loves him, but he’s messed her around so many times and he’s made her so many shallow promises that she’s not just going to fall straight back into his arms the minute he asks her to. Will they get back together again? Yeah, probably. But, Cassie is going to make him work for it at least a bit, and she’s going to make sure that it’s on her terms. Cassie wants a baby, and she wants some kind of commitment from Sean, so he better be prepared to put a ring on it, or he better be prepared to wave goodbye to Cassie for good, because she’s through with his games.”