Sexy Stars Reading Their Favorite Novels & More – Hollywood Life

From ‘The Hunger Games’ to ‘The Vagina Monologues’, stars like Selena Gomez, Emma Watson and more love a good book! See pics of these beauties and more reading on Book Lovers Day!

Does anyone else have the Reading Rainbow theme song stuck in their head? It’s Book Lovers Day (or National Book Lovers Day, depending on preference), and it’s given us a hankering to leave the office and crawl back in bed with a juicy novel. Since we can’t do that, we’re just going to live vicariously through these beautiful celebrities who can kick back with a paperback whenever they please. Scroll through our gallery above of celebrities reading books and try not to get jealous!

Once upon a time, reading was considered “nerdy” and a lot of kids couldn’t be caught dead with a book in hand. The negative geek stigma has gradually faded with some help from celebrities. In 1985, the American Library Association (ALA) started the celebrity “READ” campaign, which created posters for libraries showing stars reading their favorite books. If stars from David Bowie to Harrison Ford thought reading was cool, then so should every jock on the playground!

Today, there’s no shame in the reading game. Plenty of celebrities profess their love for it on the regular, and flaunt it on social media. We’re kind of in love with that pic of Emma Watson reading The Vagina Monologues. Emma has played two of the most famous book lovers on the big screen — Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and Hermione in the Harry Potter series, naturally. But she’s also a brainiac IRL, attending Brown University and studying English while she was still in HP!

For more photos of stars like Karlie Kloss, Rashida Jones, Yara Shahidi, and more reading their favorite books, scroll through our gallery above. Hopefully, they inspire you to take a little break today, crack open your favorite story, and have an amazing Book Lovers Day!